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I'm the co-founder and still chairman of www.nurk.no (The Norwegian Watchcollectors Assosiation). In recent years, I have not been very active on the international tradingsites, but I have a rating at ebay.com (Username: Watchcom) and at its Sweedish website; tradera.se (Username: Braanaas)



Fra: k0892143@m11.alpha-net.ne.jp [mailto:k0892143@m11.alpha-net.ne.jp]
Sendt: 23. november 2003 06:44
Til: Braanaas Dag
Emne: Re: Inquiry-18k Patek Was Philippe automatic mens watch ref.3525


Today, the watch was received. It is excellent.    It is wonderful.
It is great. I appreciate you very much. Thank you. You are the seller of A++++++.

Best regards, Hiroyuki



Fra: a.m@9online.fr [SMTP:a.m@9online.fr]

Sendt: 13. februar 2003 20:46

Til: dag.braanaas

Emne: ZENITH at www.watchcom.com

Hi Dag,

The Norway post is very good, The ZENITH is arrived yesterday only 2 days

all is OK MERCI Alberto


Fra: Andrew Lotz [SMTP:carnazi@worldnet.att.net]

Sendt: 4. februar 2003 06:48

Til: Braanaas Dag

Emne: Re: UG White Shadow

Hello Dag, the watch arrived today in good condition.

Thanks, Andy


Fra: Teruki Akita [SMTP:trkakita@a.toshima.ne.jp]

Sendt: 28. januar 2003 13:21

Til: dag@myself.com

Emne: Uni compax

Your sent watch receive. 1955 age exerent thank you.

Next is 6105 more think .


Fra: sardad@webtv.net [SMTP:sardad@webtv.net]

Sendt: 23. oktober 2002 01:47

Til: dag.braanaas@oce.no

Emne: Vintage Rolex Explorer I, ref 1016, hack, box and papers

Watch arrived today-thanks! BillH


Fra: don sisson [SMTP:sissco44@hotmail.com]

Sendt: 28. oktober 2002 19:48

Til: dag.braanaas@oce.no

Emne: Re: SV: SV: SV: Bank Wire

Hi Dag; Yes, the watch arrived in fine shape. Thanks. Best regards, Don


Fra: C.H.Lee chief@swm.com.tw

Til: Braanaas Dag

Sendt: 29.08.2002 05:36

Emne: Re: 14k Omega from www.watchcom.com

Dear Dag: The watch arrive yesterday, it is very nice! especial

fit my small wrist. Could you tell me the service history of it? Or when

did it last service ? Best Regards. C.H.Lee


Fra: Thomas J. Bittner [SMTP:tbittner@wellesley.edu]

Sendt: 6. november 2002 19:25

Til: dag.braanaas@oce.no

Emne: Re: SV: JLC advertised on TZ SC

Dear Dag,

The watch arrived this morning. Your description was accurate. It may

need a cleaning, since the second hand moves a little erratically. I'm

going to take it in to my watchmaker tomorrow.

Thanks again for the watch, Thomas Bittner



Fra: Jürgen Hauff [SMTP:info@s-parts.de]

Sendt: 17. september 2002 18:06

Til: Braanaas Dag

Emne: Re:Dag about Rolex Box

Tx a lot Dag,

The box is great and I look forward to hear from you, all your questions are

welcome. BTW I search for good dealers around the world and we should talk about this

may be . If you like we can make special editions of watches , straps and bracelets for

your market ?

Best from germany Jürgen


Fra: Steven James

Til: Braanaas Dag

Sendt: 30.07.2002 04:42

Emne: Re: Wristwatch Order

Dag, Watches just arrived...very pleased, I am. Thanks for all your trouble.

Let me know if there is anyhting I can do for you "Down Under".

Best Regards Steven sjames@smartchat.net.au


From: FMN [mailto:franac@club-internet.fr]
Sent: 4. juni 2002 09:40
To: Braanaas Dag
Subject: Re: Good News !
dear dag , i received the watch , it is perfect, especcialy the mouvement which looks like new !!!

thank you very much , do you have other rolex for sale ?

best regards frank

Fra: selwyn

Til: Braanaas Dag

Sendt: 27.05.2002 23:04

Emne: Re: Moeris Chrono at www.watchcom.com

Thanks snstood@gil.com.au


Fra: Mahony, Michael, CDR

Til: Braanaas Dag

Sendt: 19.09.2001 08:04

Emne: Regarding Rolex at WatchCom

Dag, Received the watch today. Very nice, thanks. I'll be in touch.

Regards Mike mahonym@nhyoko.med.navy.mil


Fra: sardad@webtv.net

Til: Braanaas Dag

Sendt: 06.11.2001 22:04

Emne: RE: Vintage solid 18k Tank Omega automatic !

Just got the watches--thanks!

Bill H sardad@webtv.net


From: Francisco Lusquiños Otero [mailto:francisco.lusqu@teleline.es]
Sent: 22. mai 2002 17:59
To: Dag Braanaas
Subject: Re: Eternamatic 1000

 The watch has arrived this morning.  Everything is perfect.  Regards.  Fran.


From: Tony Peres [mailto:watchhog@att.net]

Sent: 10. mai 2002 09:29

To: Dag Braanaas

Subject: Re: Rarer than the Rolex Milgauss !

hi dag,

i got the box and it looks great!!!!

thanks very much,



From: David Mukamal [mailto:dmukamal5@home.com]
Sent: 13. mars 2002 15:13
To: Dag Braanaas
Subject: Re: Cartier desk alarm

It arrived and is nice. Thanks, David Mukamal


From: rbchen0649 [mailto:rbchen0649@sinamail.com]

Sent: 22. mars 2002 10:16

To: Dag Braanaas

Subject: RE:RE: the address is correct

Hello Dag

The Henry Moser jumping second arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

It's really a perfect item for collectors. The movement is Chezard caliber 7400, 21 jewels manual wind and in mint condition. Thanks a lot!

Sincerely Yours Robert


From: Kreiswirth, Seth [mailto:seth.kreiswirth@nissan-usa.com]

Sent: 27. februar 2002 22:36

To: 'Dag Braanaas'

Subject: RE: Longines NOS Chrono Dial

I received the dial today. It looks beautiful. I will take it to my jeweler

this weekend. I'll keep you updated.

Best regards. Seth Kreiswirth


From: The Dinos [mailto:thedinos@intheflesh.freeserve.co.uk]

Sent: 18. februar 2002 10:59

To: Dag Braanaas

Subject: Re: NOS Longines Ultronic Chronograph

Hi Dag hope you are well,

I received the watch this morning and what a watch it is!

It is absolutely outstanding and I am delighted, thank you very much for

letting me have it. In the future if you come across any tuning fork watches

with Day/Date calender function please let me have a look.

Best regards Costa


From: EMirapaul@aol.com [mailto:EMirapaul@aol.com]

Sent: 22. januar 2002 06:47

To: dag.braanaas@iconmedialab.no; ajahumm@hotmail.com

Subject: Re: certina quattro at www.watchcom.com

Thanks again to my Norwegian connection. The watch arrived a few days ago

safe and sound. Thanks to all involved for all their help....evan


From: ERNSTSAL@aol.com [mailto:ERNSTSAL@aol.com]

Sent: 10. januar 2002 00:31

To: dag@myself.com

Subject: (no subject)

Dear Dag:

Hope you are well. Watch arrived in good order today. Very nice. I like it. Warmest best,



From: Mark M. [mailto:tictic@attbi.com]
Sent: 11. januar 2002 01:28
To: Dag Braanaas
Subject: Re: Omega Constellation Dial

Hello Dag,

Happy to report the dial arrived today in good condition.  Hope to stay in touch over the next year! Best regards, MARK


From: Brian Lidji [mailto:blidji@saylid.com]

Sent: 10. desember 2001 23:33

To: Dag Braanaas

Subject: RE: Universal Geneve "Compur" Stainless Steel at



I received the watch in good shape. Thank you.

Brian M. Lidji, Sayles, Lidji & Werbner


From: tictic@home.com [mailto:tictic@home.com]
Sent: 21. november 2001 04:20
To: Dag Braanaas
Subject: Re: Payment for NOS Omega Constellation dial

Hello Dag, Watch dial arrived today - it is in very nice condition and I am very pleased with it.  If you come across anymore of these - please keep my email address . Best regards, MARK


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